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SALAMAT emphasizes that students develop their creative skills and learn to balance their studies with co-curricular activities. It is mandatory for each student to enroll in at least one of the societies on offer. This enables the students to become contributing members of the school community and allows them to develop in their areas of interest. Societies on offer are:


SIDS is one of the most active and successful student-run societies at SALAMAT Senior. We have been a member of the Debating Society of Pakistan (DSP) since its inception, and have won innumerable awards at various local, national, as well as international competitions under its auspices.

SALAMAT Senior’s debating society legacy boasts of speakers such as Syed Hashim Zaidi and Ali Jan who won 11 out of 12 championships in just one year. Many more followed over the years and today SIDS continues to participate strongly in inter-house competitions and inter-school DSP events.

SIDS has also produced debaters such as Ashab Shahzad and Zainab Qazi who were ranked 2nd and 6th in the U19’s Nationals, respectively. SALAMAT Senior is also known for being hosts par excellence. We started by the initiation of the inter-school Under 19’s SALAMAT Debate Tournament. And in 2010 and 2011, SALAMAT Senior was given the opportunity to host the Sonnu Rehman U17’s Nationals for two consecutive years.


The SALAMAT Senior MUN Society was created with the purpose of promoting the art of diplomacy and encouraging its members to develop informed opinions through in-depth research and analysis. The Society has won numerous awards at prestigious competitions such as ACMUN, LUMUN and BMUN. SALAMAT also won the Best Delegation Award at the LGS MUN in 2012.

In 2010 the MUN Society set a brilliant new precedent by hosting the first SiMUN in which many institutions took part including LGS,Aitchison, Beaconhouse, LUMS and L.S.E. Now, for the third year running, it has been a huge success with four days of enthralling debate sessions in which the delegates deal with key issues faced by countries around the world. Delegates are also able to enjoy and relax at social events, which included the Global Village, a Concert Night, a Talent Night and a Formal Dinner. SALAMAT Senior looks forward to hosting this event annually and promoting our ideals in the years to come.

In addition, our team also takes part in MUNIST in Istanbul Turkey (as we did in 2012) where every year we have a few Outstanding Diplomacy Awards. In the coming years we also aspire to take part in Harvard MUN.


To expound on this quote, the words of Shakespeare in As You Like it shed light on the basic reality of human existence that ‘All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players’. In life every moment requires a new face or a renewed circumspection. SALAMAT students are therefore encouraged to use the perfunctory stage of the auditoriums to reflect on life’s issues and to make them accessible to the audience in such a way that the element of entertainment is not lost.

The dramatics society of SALAMAT Senior is known for its enthralling performances and has produced plays and actors that have gained appreciation in top universities, schools and organizations such as the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop. Osman Bokhari laid the foundation of this society in 2004, and since then, SALAMAT has produced excellent performers and thought-provoking plays such as ‘Toba Tek Singh.’

Previously the President of the Dramatics Society, Rana Majid, produced and directed a play titled ‘Bandeya’ that highlighted various social issues being faced by Pakistan. The play bagged first position at the LUMS Dramafest, LGS Grammathon and LUMS Olympiad.

In theatre and performing arts our students are empowered to believe more fully in the potential of their imaginations. The school supports both accomplished performers and novices, providing opportunities such as student-directed plays, main stage productions, and farewell party skits.

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The SALAMAT Senior Urdu Debating Society has been another highly active Society in terms of not only producing great debaters, but also in reviving the quality of debates in the Urdu debating circuit. With the help of Usman Fazli, a former SALAMATIAN and a current SALAMAT Senior Urdu Debating Coach, SIDS Urdu won numerous awards. A few of the competitions won by SIDS Urdu include the 11th Annual Inter Collegiate Bilingual Declamation Competition, the All Pakistan Parliamentary Debating Championship held at FC College, the All Pakistan Inter Varsity Shahjiwna Parliamentary Debating Championship and the UET 20th All Pakistan Parliamentary Debating Championship. SIDS Urdu also hosted a Master Debate Round in which all the senior debaters in the Urdu Debating circuit participated while younger debaters from various institutions came to SALAMAT to watch and learn from the session.

In 2012 we hosted the first-ever interschool Urdu Debating Championship of its kind, which was attended by over 25 schools across Pakistan.

In 2012 we became the first school to hold an Interschool Urdu Debating Championship, which was met by much success by schools around the region. Our student, such as Hafiz Usman Tanvir, have set a strong legacy and have put us n the map of Urdu Debating at the High School and University level.SIDS Urdu also hosts a Master Debate Round in which all senior debaters in the Urdu debating circuit participate.


SES enables young entrepreneurs to showcase their talent in developing unique business ideas. SES values and lays great stress on enriching the entrepreneurial skills of youthful and aspiring entrepreneurs. The kind of thinking process involved in the formulation of these ideas helps students to learn, grow and evolve into successful business leaders.SES, over the last few years, has won numerous prizes – some of which include; the BSS Economic Crisis Competition, the Aitchison BusinessCompetition, the Entrepreneurial Challenge at Grammathon and LUMS YLES. SES also holds and annual SALAMAT Entrepreneurial Competition (SEC), which has gained a number of fans from the business community and schools alike.

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Irtiqa – meaning ‘evolution,’ believes in giving back to the community and sees service to the community as essential to personal growth. Our community services club serves the purpose of getting students involved in issues of social awareness and to enable them to help the less fortunate.

The members of Irtiqa plan a variety of activities throughout the year. These include organising charity drives in collaboration with NGO’s such as Shaukat Khanum Hospital, SOS Village, and the Zimmedar Shehri. One of Irtiqa’s most notable achievements was its fundraising activity for the Flood Relief (and previously of the earthquake victims), for which the society managed to collect a sizeable amount of aid. Our key executive members also had the chance to visit affected sites to directly disseminate the funds or goods.

More than an act of generosity, Irtiqa believes that a consolidated contribution to one’s society is the responsibility of every fortunate Pakistani citizen.


Science is a part of almost every aspect of our lives. Although one rarely thinks about it but science makes extraordinary things possible. With the pace that the world is progressing and the speed with which technology is advancing, an understanding of science is a crucial part of a complete education. At SALAMAT, we encourage students to delve deeper into the world of science and learn to think critically about its many postures.

SAW’s objective is to help students develop a legitimate interest in science by helping and motivating them to take part in competitions and getting published in scientific magazines and journals.

Members of SAW participate in various model-making competitions and science quizzes including the Aitchison All Pakistan Inter-Collegiate Quiz Competition in which SALAMAT Senior’s students won first position, and the King Edward Inter-Collegiate Master Mind Competition where we were the runners-up. The society also arranges for inter-class quizzes and science fairs. Its patrons make sure that such events are not just serving superficial goals of supplementing classroom teaching but that they expand the horizons of the students by making them come face to face with scientific processes.


Music is the language of the soul, and what music can express is sometimes difficult to articulate in words. Music has been the universal language of harmony and love, and the students of SALAMAT have used this subtle ambassador of peace to bridge the innate differences of the society and to create an ambience of acceptance.

Founded by a group of enthusiastic students in 2007, the SALAMAT Senior Music Society pulsates with promising energy and talent of a diverse group of members with an aptitude in vocals and music. The society encourages and celebrates diversity in musical tastes.

The Society’s members have participated in numerous events such those hosted by the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop (RPTW), the LGS Grammathon, the LUMS Olympiad, and the BDC Battle of the Bands.

Other than bagging awards at competitions, the SALAMAT Senior Music Society is active in internal events as well. From hosting ghazal nights, to organizing concerts, the society can make any event at SALAMAT Senior fun and entertaining.


The importance of literature, arts, and poetry is such that it allows individuals to revel in the mysteries of human life, and to help them understand the underlying psychological conditions of a variety of actors. The overt portrayal of the intense human emotions can sometimes be tricky to comprehend. Poetry and Art provide an empty canvas that can be filled according to the taste and moods of the students, and SALAMAT understands the need of our youth to express themselves while growing up in an arduous and challenging world.

LAPS and the Arts societies were split into two separate societies from 2012-13 onwards. These two societies allow students to display their creativity and imagination in numerous ways. The LAPS society has hosted several poetry, art and essay-writing competitions. In addition, it is also responsible for the production of the annual school magazine: SALAMAT Legacy. The Arts society meanwhile enables its members to polish their event management skills. Students get to manage the décor of events such as the welcome and farewell parties, as well as SiMUN and SES events. Anyone who desires to create art, evoke his or her spirit of creative thinking or simply have fun should aim to join these societies.


YES aspires to discuss, act upon, and create awareness of a sustainable environment, ecological system and other related issues. It monitors the SALAMAT Senior recycling programme, carries out weekly cleanliness drives, and devises new methods to keep the environment clean. Each year it takes initiatives to plant trees with the help of the WWF and visits waste disposal sites with Waste Busters.

In addition, this Society holds group discussions to brainstorm ideas regarding protection of the environment and arranges for talks by leading environmentalists. The Society also arranges for eco-internships through the WWF for the O’ Level and A1 classes.

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