Our curriculum for secondary education is in cohesion/progression with the primary stream. In secondary, however, the focus shifts to external examination, thus the optimum focus is on reinforcing the developing skill-set required to master the subject-knowledge. Rigorous testing and assessment is part of curriculum practices for secondary school. Since, we prepare students for O’level and Matric program simultaneously, bifurcation happens by the end of grade 7 providing the career choices to students.


We are among the very few institutes that offer a combination of science and arts subjects for our Matric stream. After grade VII, all students have a choice to shift to SICAS for their ‘O’ and ‘A’ level programme or continue at this campus with the Matric stream. We are among a few schools in Lahore who offer Pre-9 Matric program by the name of 8 Matric to familiarize them with the board pattern and requirements.

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