Academic Program


The SALAMAT academic curriculum is unique in its depth of content and richness of material. The framework set by the curriculum focuses intensely on the core subjects of English, Mathematics, General Science and Computer Skills, which provide the foundation for students to explore and excel at many other academic disciplines integral to the SALAMAT experience. Our curriculum has continuously evolved over a period of almost four decades. Our dedicated team of curriculum developers maintains close contact with teaching staff and students, monitoring delivery and adjusting content as appropriate to best cater to the needs of a student body that exhibits a wide spectrum of aptitudes and learning styles.

Junior School

(Nursery – Grade 5)

Our Junior school offers a broad, high quality, comprehensive education designed to bring out the best in our students. English (Literacy) and Mathematics (Numeracy) are the central elements of our Junior school curriculum. These are delivered with vigor stemming from proven traditional teaching methods, which are bolstered by latest innovation in modern practices, such as interactive white boards and other ICT systems. The curriculum incorporates modern textbooks and curriculum planning strategies. In-service staff development ensures that teachers maintain a fresh approach to education. Our curriculum instills self-discipline and habits of independent study. Additionally, stemming from our commitment to extended learning practices, we actively involve parents in the pedagogical process.

Prep School

(Grade 6 – Grade 8)

Our Prep school prepares pupils for entry into the Senior School. To achieve this, the students are expected to work at challenging levels that help them to excel in developing core skills and knowledge competencies. Stress is placed not only on academic excellence, but also social awareness and independence. The stimulating curriculum enables them to develop intellectually, artistically and aesthetically. Co-curricular activities encourage students to grow in areas of their particular interest. We offer a variety of clubs that include Karate, Gymnastics, Yoga, Cooking, Dance, Debating and Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Soccer, and Cricket to name a few. The students are tested through our centralized grade 8 final exams to ensure their entrance into the O’ Level stream. We offer optional Cambridge Checkpoint exams for students who are interested in an external assessment from the Cambridge International Examination. Secondary Program. These are offered in the subjects of Mathematics, Science, and English.

Senior School

(O Level – A Level)

Pupils are prepared for their GCE O Level and A Level qualifications via a rigorous and highly challenging curriculum syndicated by the CIE. In addition to the academic component, students are also prepared for ‘what lies ahead.’ Our student-centered approach enables the teachers to engage directly with each student – no assumptions are made about a student’s previous knowledge, and understanding is established in a step-bystep manner. Our class sizes are small to ensure that a low student to teacher ratio and that individualized instruction is made possible. The classrooms themselves are equipped with all the necessary resources, and a strong emphasis is placed on creating an environment that is conducive to learning. Through societies and clubs, students are also exposed to political, social, religious and cultural issues of importance. This, in addition to their academics, gives the students a holistic learning to better prepare them for the real world. External speakers at our senior school are also a regular feature to educate the students on community, conservation and charity work. We offer one of the widest ranges of A’ Level subjects found in institutions in Lahore. With 18 subjects on offer, students can be rest assured of small class sizes that cater to the interest of a variety of students and match them to Science, Business, and Humanities.

We also offer the option for students to take AS Level exams. This is done on a subject-wise basis and exceptional students may be excused from A1 internal exams and take up the option in appearing in all AS Levels in one sitting. Generous Merit Scholarships are also offered to candidates who have performed well in their O Level exams.

The New Technology Standards Computer Science

Just over a decade ago we became the first model ‘tech savvy’ school in Pakistan to obtain the exclusive partnership with internationally acclaimed, ‘The Fourth R’ program. Since then we have evolved our computer curriculum to a custom designed New Technology Standard NTS curriculum that builds on our acquired expertise and provides our students with an even more advanced program that incorporates the latest software and e-learning resources. Our aim is to provide our students with the opportunity to stay abreast with the latest advancements in technology that enables the acquisition of knowledge and skills that are vital for our students.

The New Technology Standard curriculum is designed to focus on active learning, creativity and exploration. It will embed our other curricular areas such as social science, science, language arts and mathematics. The curriculum, applicable in Junior and Middle Schools, enhances reading and writing, develops problem-solving skills and encourages cooperation and teamwork. The learning experience created from these standards is inspiring, engaging and help students see computing as an important part of their world. Students begin using computational thinking as a problem-solving tool. They appreciate the ubiquity of computing and the way technology facilitates communication and collaboration.

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