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Salamat Girls truly believes in the doctrine that students’ exposure to a variety of creative genres is an absolute necessity in this technological era where not only excellence in studies is required but also to be proficient in extra-curricular activities to make them self motivated & confident individuals. It is mandatory for each student to enroll in at least one of the societies so they also have a fulfilling role to play in the growth & development of the school besides nourishing their creative abilities to the highest level. Following are the societies offered at Salamat Girls.

  • English Literary Society
  • Urdu Literary Society
  • Debating Society
  • MUN Society
  • Environmental Society
  • Media and Art Society
  • Magazine Committee
  • Dramatics Society


Every school vows to inhibit in their students a sense of belonging and connectivity. For this vision it is important to relieve them of pressured chains of mechanisms and let them step into the pedestal of their freedom, to discover themselves when the time is right. Here at Salamat, we prosper with this vision to provide students with memories they will heartily look back at.


The house system of classifying students into competitive teams has been circling around since initial days.
These credible houses are; Tipu, Qasim, Salam and Faiz. Each with its own motto and named after renowned figures in Pakistan’s history. The houses are dedicated to their hard work and their charitable effort for humanity. The purpose of the houses is to motivate students into embracing comradery and working well with company. Here they represent the houses through their curricular and academics and withhold the spirit of teamwork.


The Houses are headed by a Captain and Vice-Captain and along with the Head Boy, the Sports Captain, the Vice Captain and the Magazine Editors English and Urdu), form the student council. Duties assigned to them initiate in them the essentials of civic responsibility and become active contributors of a progressive community, society and nation.


The student council plays a very important role at SALAMAT, for representation and for discipline. The Head boy and the executive heads of houses make sure things for the younger lot go smoothly and full of ambition.


Thematic morning assemblies:

We at Slamat girls strive to create an environment that gives awareness to students and helps them develop as creative thinkers and decision makers who are determined to improve.To turn this vision into reality our school has adopted practices to motivate students to achieve the vision.

All classes are given opportunity on rotation basis to conduct thematic morning assemblies to showcase their talent and convey a message to their fellow beings. Students are expected to make thought provoking presentations on social cultural and global concerns.

School Library

ICT and research:

The use of ICT techniques in teaching/learning has a very positive influence on a student’s learning capabilities as well. It is established that students reflect in a very positive manner towards education when they use such resources to research and complete tasks given to them, encouraging and motivating them to soak in the knowledge. Students who use technology to learn in school have an increased self-esteem and self-confidence.

Inter- school Competitions

It’s probably every parent’s dream for their children to be motivated at school all the time. Here at Salamat we encourage children to Participate in inter- school competitions and activities, they not only gain individual skills, like resilience and motivation, but they also build on important interpersonal skills. These skills help students to grow as independent individuals and prepare for their wider life.


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