Academic Programme


Curriculum practices at SSS include:

  • Curriculum Breakdown at Monthly/ Quarterly and Yearly Basis.

  • Concise and Attainable Lesson Objectives

  • Weekly Lesson Planning

  • Effective Implementation of Designed Curriculum as per national and international standards

  • Cumulative Reviews/ Revision

  • Class Tests/Assessments/Examination


  • The academic programme at Salamat Boys is based upon our aim to promote independent learning, creative/lateral thinking, voice of expression, and responsible learning attitudes.
  • We encourage competitive standards that make learning more comprehensive and lasting providing equal opportunity to all students. Basic learning of the primary subjects is embedded in our early years’ academic program and is nurtured through the school tenure.
  • Catering to progressing and innovative curriculum needs, our curriculum department at Head Office meticulously works at the scheme of studies in consultation with the teaching staff and feed- back from students and parents.
  • The academic program at Salamat Boys is ‘O’ level based. This is to support easy navigation through Matric and ‘O’ level. Students must score at least 70%marks in English and 50%marks in Mathematics, Science, History and Geography, in both their mid-year exams and March assessments.
    The SALAMAT academic curriculum is unique in its depth of content and richness of material. The framework set by the curriculum focuses intensely on the core subjects of English, Mathematics, General Science and Computer Skills, which provide the foundation for students to explore and excel at many other academic disciplines integral to the SALAMAT experience.The curriculum practices at Salamat aim to provide nurturing environment for learners with individual needs. Our Curriculum provides equal opportunities for exploration, creativity and innovation, ethical training and freedom of speech. We train our students to become independent decision makers, problem solvers and creative thinkers.
    We aim to provide an engaging learning environment that enables our learners to develop into well-rounded individuals. Whether it is English, Math or Science, our students excel in all areas. The Salamat graduates are confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners who personify special character of the school. The curriculum is a clear statement of what we believe is important in education. We teach integrated skills and assign tasks in small groups during class which not only helps to bring the class alive but also involves students in their own learning, expanding students' knowledge, and developing specific skills.
    Reading and creative writing is an integral part of the school’s system. The school pays focus on the students’ creative abilities so that they can take a break from the rigorous academic schedule and give a leeway to the mind, to escape, to discover the realms of its horizon and challenge themselves with their imagination. The school hosts a reading week annually to aware students on the importance of reading and how the ability to read well can help cope our future.


  • An effective and comprehensive remedial program is conducted as a support for our students and parents. It is mandatory for struggling students for the development of conceptual understanding and conducive learning.
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