The House System

There are a total of four Houses at SALAMAT. These are: Faiz, Salam, Tipu and Qasim House. Each House has its distinct motto and is represented by its own flag. Students are assigned to their houses at the time of admission and care is taken that they develop an affinity with their respective Houses. A strong House-point System is also in place as it enables the end-of-the-year House rankings that determine the winner of Sports, Academic, and Co Curricular cups. A notable feature of the House system is the nomination and appointment of House Captains, whose task is to rally fellow House Members and to select individuals for team events, amongst other duties. Housemasters and Housemistresses are also appointed and they are responsible in overseeing the performance and discipline of their respective Houses.

The Student Council

The Student Council is an integral part of SALAMAT. The Head Boy and Head Girl along with their House and Sports Captains lead the organization with the support of the student council advisors. The Council comprises of a team of highly motivated and talented students who form a vital link between the administration and students. The Student Council gets involved in the school and community in a variety of ways. It also trains and encourages our students to be young leaders. The Council forms the basis of standing committees such as social events, fundraising, school spirit, teacher appreciation, and community service. Council at SALAMAT Senior is also comprised of various society heads. Each society is responsible for organizing events within the school, and ensuring participation in interschool events.


SALAMAT offers a vast selection of athletic facilities and programs which together embody the core values of competition, knowledge and fairness. Our programs, grounded in integrity, promote character development and collaboration. At SALAMAT, we believe that athletic competition is a powerful teacher. Therefore the facilities offered at SALAMAT range from a 25 meter competition standard swimming pool – used for inter-house and inter-school competitions – to state-of-the-art facilities for a variety of sports such as cricket, football, tennis and basketball.

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