Student Profiles


Sara Khurram

Former Debating President and Head Girl at SALAMAT, Sara Khurram is one of the students SALAMAT is proud to have had. From a straight A* record in the GCE O Levels to a range of co-curriculars, Sara has proven to be versatile in everything she does; from her skills as an actress which have charmed people greatly, to her skills as an orator, Sara is a student seldom out of the limelight. Her team was declared the Runners Up in the All-Pakistan Sonu Rehman U-17 Debating Championship 2010. With a wit and humor to follow, Sara is a perfect example of a role model we wish our students to follow.

Hafiz Usman Tanveer

“Honestly, I can take twenty subjects and still bake a pie for you!???- Hafiz Usman Tanveer

Hafiz, the former President of SIDS Urdu, has become a legendary figure at SALAMAT. After acing sixteen Ordinary levels, Hafiz continued enthusiastically on his quest to out-do maestros academics by not only taking up eight A Level subjects but by also setting a school record of 3A*, 3As, 1a and 1B. He maintains a healthy appetite for debating and is currently pursuing a Law Degree at LUMS and is taking up high-level courses even as a freshman. Hafiz was the Class Valedictorian for the year 2012.

Khawaja Mohd Akbar

Khwaja Akbar will never say no to a challenge. His casual and humorous demeanor belies a conscience committed to performing to the best of his abilities. His outstanding skills as an orator, academic excellence reflective in his straight A*s in the GCE O Levels and a team leader account for him being bestowed with the most prestigious and demanding post of the SALAMAT student Council as the Head Boy 2011-12. Akbar is currently studying at the London School of Economics.

Daniyal Yousaf

As the former Deputy Head Boy at SALAMAT and an active member of the Media and Debating societies, Daniyal Yousaf has proven his worth in terms of dependability and task-force management to his peers and the school administration on repeated occasions. He is more than just a bright, active and curious student. His interests in and talent for the written and visual arts sets him in a rare category. Yet, more than that, it is his passion for and belief in the power of print and visual media, and their capacity to initiate and deliver a change in society that makes him so valuable. Danyal has been a model student, with stellar academics and a number of accolades in Film Making and Media presentations. He is currently a student at LUMS University.

Zainab Qazi

Look the challenge straight in the eye and let the belief in yourself and your determination do the rest. The pleasure you get after having accomplished your goal is worth every minute spent working hard.’

Our former Head Girl at SALAMAT, Zainab Qazi has maintained an exemplary balance between academic and public speaking achievements. With 11 A*in her O Levels and a straight A record at SALAMAT, Zainab has also been ranked the 6th Best All Pakistan U-19 speaker, making the cut for the Pakistan Debating Team shortlist. In her academic interests which span from the sciences to her laudable artistic talent, Zainab has never disappointed. She also exercised her innate writing talents in serving on the Editorial Board of our School’s newsletter. Her varied range of interests has earned her achievements in fields ranging from public speaking and dramatics to art and athletics.

Musa Najmuddin

Upholding the SALAMAT legacy of excellence in both curricular and co-curricular domains, our former Head Boy, Musa Najmuddin, has not only maintained an outstanding curricular record with 11As in O Levels but has simultaneously won regional and national level recognition for table tennis as well. Known for his candor, humor and humility, Musa remains set on a course to overcome all obstacles through his academic prowess. He is currently a student of Allama Iqbal Medical College.

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