SALAMAT Girls branch has a co-ed preschool and offers a girls-only environment from Grade 2 through Matric. Our O Level graduates are seamlessly transferred to SICAS Girls for their O Levels and to SLC senior for A levels. This is a co-ed facility with a conservative atmosphere, focused on a well-rounded education that helps prepare students for college life and beyond.

We at Salamat aspire to provide a stimulating learning environment conducive to motivate, encourage and engage learners to genuinely take an interest, reach to their full potential, enhance their creative skills, explore their strengths, develop into active learners and work collaboratively. We empower our girls to break barriers by giving them opportunities through assembly presentations to talk about social issues.  
Salamat envisions its learners to celebrate their potential, aesthetic and intellectual diversity. We encourage every child to discover her unique strengths that distinguish her from the crowd. We allow children to become confident, self-aware individuals who are equipped academically and socially to excel in their personal and professional pursuits. They are enabled to be confident speakers through encouragement of teachers in classes and forceful orators by participating in the debating competitions in and out of school.
 At Salamat, we inculcate in a child high order thinking as well as problem solving skills that will enable an inquisitive and analytical approach. We prepare them to transform their lives, to be independent and to reach for the skies. Through extra-curricular activities in collaboration with Dawn, Green Living Association, Kangroo, WWF and Natures club we give opportunities to the learners to enhance their learning beyond classroom boundaries. Therefore, we strive to instill a set of civic and moral values that will allow children to grow up to be responsible and contributing citizens. We consider the need for girls to be strong mentally, physically, emotionally and socially as they are basic agents of change in the society.   Together, these traits will create a generation of successful, entrepreneurial and socially conscious individuals well-suited for the challenges of the modern world.

Kind Regards,
Romana Nosheen Khattak
Principal Salamat Girls

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