Starting off in our co-ed preschool housed in our SALAMAT Boys Campus, our boys are seamlessly transferred to our SLC (Jr. Middle) for Grades 1–8 and subsequently to SLC Sr for the O and A Levels. Salamat Elementary and Boys is synonymous with quality education, creativity and innovation. We believe in creating an environment that sets high expectations for all. Through well-planned curricular and co-curricular activities, we anchor students with self-confidence, autonomy, resilience and adaptability. In the past academic session, our creative and energetic boys brought laurels to school in multiple academic and extra-curricular fields.

SALAMAT Boys is synonymous to quality education with an intent to cultivate and groom well-rounded  individuals who are spiritually enlightened, mentally and emotionally intelligent, and academically sound to take any challenge of the practical life. We strive to nurture a learning community at the campus with collaborative efforts of pupils, teachers and parents. Our sole aim is to develop a fostering and cohesive environment for autonomous learners. We proudly proclaim our students' readiness for curricular and co-curricular challenges. At Salamat, we have a staunch belief in providing equitable educational facility that ensures success in all walks of life. Our boys are responsible learners, sensible and accommodating individuals, and most of all, valuable community members.
Our academic program is unique and well-designed that necessitates the need of meeting the international and national standards of education. Focusing on the core 21st century skills, we prepare students for both streams of education, i.e, Matric and O' Levels; keeping our Matric students with us and shifting our Cambridge students to SICAS SENIOR. Our holistic and all-encompassing academic approach meets the academic criteria of external placements in Main-stream colleges for our Matric students. Many of our passed-out Matric batches have secured admissions in top colleges and universities of Lahore, as GC university and FC College university on the pinnacle of the list. We maintain an ideal teacher-student ratio to provide individual attention through differentiated learning approaches that help stimulate the academic independence. Our carefully designed Remedial program helps to strengthen and reinforce the acquired skills to master the syllabus across subjects.
At Salamat Boys, we aim to instill in our students, the sense of ownership and pride in our faith, morality and ethics, love for our country and empathy and compassion for fellow-human beings. Our boys are taught to value the relations they are blessed with in their lifetime, be it parents, siblings, extended family or the school community of teachers, fellow-students, sub-staff or the administration. Believing in the righteous and just approach towards life, our boys are thinkers who question, strategize, plan and resolve the challenges laid in their ways. Most amazingly, they know how to voice their opinions effectively to stand-up, not only individually but communally. At Salamat, we rise by lifting others to lead a  purposeful life.

Best Regards,
Mrs. Rabia Najam
 Principal Salamat Boys


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