Salamat Elementary

Salamat Elementary

Salamat Elementary curriculum is based on different teaching techniques tried and tested over the years and have brought forward astounding results. It has been designed to provide students with a range of different avenues for understanding new information within their diverse classroom community.


Playgroup unlocks new realms of learning for the students which includes developing their language skills and enhancing their motor skills. Social skills, primary language, science and math are given special attention during our program. Our exclusive practices include:

  • Focused activity centers
  • Thematic learning on a wide array of subjects


A day at nursery of Salamat Elementary begins with circle time which subsumes of the facts and discussions about the thematic unit. Nursery stage brings forward the beginning of specially designed curriculum for the development of structured writing, numeracy, social and language skills. Small and large group activities are conducted which are based on the weekly changing thematic units. The given subjects are focused on in the learning centers.

Learning Centers:

  • Literacy and language skills
  • Numeracy
  • Discovery
  • Art
  • Music
  • Reading


Our K.G. program incorporates a variety of skill-based activities. The learning centers are focused on emergent writing, vocabulary enhancement and phonological awareness along with numeracy with the use of manipulatives.

  • Differentiated learning
  • Closings and field trips to magnify learning
  • Reading programs
  • Dramatic play
  • Science experiments and discovery
  • Exploration with art
  • Expression through music

Grade 1 and 2:

At Salamat Elementary an inquiring approach to learning is followed that encourages students to think and question .The curriculum is rigorous, creative and maximizes students’ full intellectual potential. It provides opportunities for children to take responsibility, make decisions, develop self-worth and nurture creativity. We strive to develop independent thinkers and lifelong learners equipped with the skill set crucial to their success. We accept individuality and celebrate diversity to promote independent thinking and encourage lifelong learners.
Our Curriculum Framework develops skills in the domains of communication, literacy, Mathematics, knowledge and understanding of the world, music and movement, visual arts, dramatic play and physical education.

Communication/ Language / Literacy

Our reading /Writing program encourages students to become independent re4ers. We use Bloom’s Taxonomy in our language development program. We move on from LOTS to HOTS. Effective Library program is followed every week to give opportunity to read a variety of story books to enhance vocabulary, comprehension and expression in writing. Math program is based on hands on activities with usage of a variety of manipulative, game cards, and inter class Quiz competitions. It is further enhanced with an online learning program which is “Koobits”.

Science / Social studies

We believe in inquiry based learning in our Science Program. Students conduct experiments and draw conclusions. Hands on activities, real life experiences and end of unit presentations play a vital role in learning and gaining confidence. Cooperative learning is ensured through Think-Pair Share activities and Group activities.

Music and Movement/ Visual Arts/ Dramatic Plays and Physical education

Curriculum integrated Music lessons are conducted every week. Creative Art classes with a diversity of mediums are conducted. Besides Annual Sports Day our students participate in Inter class cricket/ football matches, Swimming Gala, Tennis Club, gymnastic display and Indoor fun filled games.


At Salamat Elementary sports and physical education is considered more than just an activity. It is a lifestyle that brings about mental alertness, increases self-esteem and also teaches students life skills like patience, teamwork and leadership.

Life at Salamat Elementary is a combination of inspired education that cultivates the individuality of your child. Through a variety of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities we shape and build your child’s character and confidence. Ranging from class presentations, to plays and musicals, to celebrating days and practicing what they learn and read the children are provided with a number of options to bring forth their strengths, work on their weaknesses and explore their interests. Learning is celebrated at Salamat Elementary to ensure a life-long process of success.


The mainstream Primary schooling for boys starts from Grade 3 at Salamat Boys. Our curriculum focuses on developing thinking skills and developing skill-set required for lifelong learning and success in various disciples of professional excellence. Our curriculum and syllabi match the national standards to prepare students for Matric stream, simultaneously preparing them for O’level stream post grade 7 when the bifurcation takes place

Languages: English and Urdu

Special stress is laid upon developing reading comprehension and writing skills. Our language program encompases all four skills,listening,speaking, reading and writing through an integrated scheme of studies. Our students develop writing prowess by mastering the features of various genres. The interactive classroom strategies nurture confident speakers who can present an argument in front of the audience.


  • Library Programme
  • Reading Corners
  • Morning Assemblies
  • Literature Mornings
  • Integrated and Skill Based English Program
  • Interactive classrooms

Social Sciences:

Our social sciences program is enquiry-based and encourages project and research-based studies.Literal and lateral thinking skills are reinforced through audio/visual aids, cooperative learning opportunities and interactive teaching and learning sessions. The inclusion of ICT and approach to online learning communities ensures enhancement of skill-set.


Understanding the innovative approach towards mathematical skills, our Math program is continuously developing to focus on mental Math strategies. The inclusion of KOOBITS, an online learning community program guarantees generating Math Wizards.


The inclusion of ROBOTICS in our ICT program leads our students towards STEM program of studies, training young minds to be creative thinkers and comfortable with use of technology. Our students are not only good at programing but web-developing also. The integrated curriculum approach skillfully develops independent learners at Salamat.


Salamat holds great pride in its students’ ability to produce eye-catching art using varied mediums. Innovative techniques and approaches towards expression are practised effervescently in Art Room and thus, the school walls are decorated with inspiring paintings and craft produced by our budding artists.

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