Founder’s Note

One of the great joys of being an educationist is to be able to work with and amongst people; not things. It is this aspect that brings joy and a great sense of satisfaction in watching students mark impressive achievements year after year. 
At our institutions, character trumps grades; students are therefore encouraged to develop a strong sense of ethics and scrutinize their actions before celebrating accomplishments. In this regard, we acknowledge all of our students who put in a conscientious effort in their studies and co-curricular activities. 

The fruits of hard work are in the act of working hard itself. Our students strive to perform to the best of their abilities in their endeavors to fulfill their school and civic duties. They are unafraid of new and unfamiliar tasks, and it is this continual process of discovery, of oneself and of the outside world, which we try to inculcate in each of our students. 
The home and school connection is an important hallmark of education at our schools. Parents are expected to encourage their children to participate in all aspects of school life. We have a strong assessment system in place and the progress of each child is recorded diligently. Regular PTC’s are one of the many ways our teachers and administration keep in touch with the parents.
One of our key strengths is our high quality of teaching. Our faculty is carefully recruited on the merit of their experience, subject expertise, core competencies, and academic rigor. The teachers put in an extra effort to challenge each student and nurture his or her personality. 

The non-academic offerings are quite comprehensive, and students are generally seen excelling in a variety of fields, be it sports, debating or dramatics. We are noted for having a vibrant student life and the student satisfaction has been quite high despite the academic demands. The societies and clubs are generally the center of much excitement and each student is encouraged to develop his talents and establish a portfolio of activities.
I thank you for considering our schools as an institution for your children. Rest assured that you have made a sound choice by entrusting your faith in us.

Mrs. Salamat
MA Education (Early Childhood Education)
Goddard College
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