Director’s Note

Salamat is a one-of-a-kind school where we try to subvert conventional modes. On face value, Salamat is a results driven school where students are exposed to academic rigor, and are expected to compete within and without to benchmark themselves against the highest educational standards. But if you were to dig deeper, Salamat is also a community that serves as a preparatory ground for life beyond the classroom. Aside from developing learner attributes and meeting the curriculum standards, the school serves as a laboratory for real-life learning, where interpersonal relations are fostered, and where community spirit looms large. It’s quite simply a place where students are challenged in the comfort of their surroundings, where they nurture crucial skills in a setting they can call home.


At Salamat innovation and creativity are cornerstones of our vision. We stay abreast with technology and make sure our campuses are equipped with the latest resources. Our schools are busy places where sports and extracurriculars seemingly never stop. Our students are always seen involved in activities such as debates and other forms of public speaking, dramatics, art, community service, environmental preservation, alongside a full range of sports offerings. Our house system allows us to cultivate excellence in the extracurriculars and the pastoral care provided by fulltime faculty members is another crucial factor that facilitates the development of the whole-child.


It is no wonder that our graduate students are noted for their dynamic personalities, multi-pronged skillsets, generous nature, inquisitiveness, and most importantly leadership abilities. The student-centered approach is more than just a mantra at Salamat, and it is indeed a place where learning is of importance as much to the teacher as it is to the student. From Preschool to Matric (and O and A Levels at our SICAS), Salamat is always remembered fondly as a place where students navigated some of the most important years of their formative lives. All in all, Salamat is a place of small miracles, where the unique qualities of its inhabitants are nurtured in every possible way. That is why Salamat consistently ranks highly as a provider of quality education. And if you walk into any of our campuses, remember that you are seeing the leaders of tomorrow, today

Shehryar Salamat
MA Education (Educational Leadership)
Teachers College, Columbia University

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